Singing Waiters

David can perform alone, or with other waiters, as a surprise act at your event. He will pose as a waiter or chef as part of the venue staff and then unexpectedly burst into song! This is a popular addition to many weddings and functions and your guests will be talking about the day for years to come! Upon enquiry, David will personally tailor the performance to your needs and audience - it can be as formal (or as crazy) as you like!


The performance can include David's Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables shows, and a popular choice is the Masquerade show which includes a mixture of show songs and memorable musical hits. Why not have a masquerade theme to your function, and encourage your guests to wear masks? Pictured left is a masquerade ball with two singing waiters performing a mixture of solo and duet songs - the perfect surprise for your guests!